Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Logo Design

As mentioned earlier I have been collaborating with Dinah Pollard of ZOO Advertising. Previously Dinah has helped me with my prints but I have also asked her to help me with my logo. My original logo which I created my self is on the left here.

Dinah worked on different fonts and different ways of writing my labels name. However I thought her designs were unsuccessful. So I organised to meet with Dinah to work on a logo together.
 Dinah said that a logo needs to look good in black and white. It also needs to look good both big and small. We found a font that we both liked then decided to add one of the pictures of my prints. We chose a simple rabbit and played around with the positive and negative space. Also tried different ways of placing the logo. 

In the end we were both happy with the circle logo.

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